Exceptional expedition vehicles down to the last detail

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Our driving ambition is to bring you ultimate freedom of enjoying your home wherever you choose to be while exploring the planet at your own speed.


We invest all our efforts into creating the most reliable and practical solutions. Based on accurate research and engineer intuition, our own and our clients’ traveling experience they provide comfort and autonomy in the toughest climates and the harshest environments. Road trips do not lie, and our vehicles have traveled on four continents out of five (Hello, Australia! We are coming!). 


We have taken our time to develop an array of standard projects to reduce cost and production time for the benefit of our clients. But whenever there is need for a tailored solution, we are eager to make real what you have in mind. We are ready to indulge your passion for the world – bringing you a vehicle that you have imagined, a luxury of a moving home taking you to places that you have dreamt of. 

Body production

We produce sandwich panels and assemble cabins in-house. This is the only way to achieve maximum level of precision and quality on all stages of the production cycle. 

Our panels are made with the best components available, but the main highlight is the reinforced GRP composite we use on all external surfaces of the cabins. This material is considerably stronger, more impact resisting and more durable than the composites used by other expedition cabin manufacturers. All openings are additionally reinforced and waterproofed to guarantee the longest lifespan of our products. 


Our engineering department is what makes us stand out competitively. 

KRUG Expedition team combines a vast experience in automotive and aircraft engineering. All projects are carried out in 3D CAD software environment. It allows for dynamic simulation and stress analysis of the components during design development stage, as well as the projects’ comprehensive visualization, making our collaboration with clients streamlined and efficient.


Aspiring to the highest functional and aesthetic standards has always been one of our most important goals. We are uncompromising in our passion for design and love of details. Our own skilled furniture makers create the signature homelike interiors spending many hours to make sure our clients get the highest quality handmade product. We select the finest materials and components and no interior element passes our attention. Focus on functionality, comfort, safety and duration have always been our commitment.

Energy systems

We rely upon our partners in Mastervolt to deliver reliable autonomous power solutions for our vehicles and bespoke service support to our clients all over the world.

Mastervolt’s engineers source the best components and test those components as well as all new product designs to destruction, ensuring complete satisfaction by the time the finished products, technologies and systems are installed in active customer applications.

Top class expertise and support is available worldwide with offices and partners in more than 80 countries. Our clients know that wherever they may be, Mastervolt can deliver precise and fully tailored information without delay and track the progress of any inquiry, whether simple or complex.