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November, 2022
Nearly half a decade has passed since Elizabeth and Wayne Taylor embarked on the journey of their dreams in their KRUG EXPEDITION truck. These full-timers from Oz have become a fixture on many Insta-travel radars, and we were lucky to catch them during their travels across the UK for a look back on their epic journey.

Read on to find out more about their decision-making process before they even started thinking about an expedition truck, the actual build,- and construction phase, the early days on the road, and how they have settled into their life exploring Europe in their truck as told by Elizabeth and Wayne Taylor @ausworldroamers.

We both have a passion for travel and exploring new countries and cultures so we knew early on that when we retired, travel would be an integral part of this phase in our lives. Travelling full time in an Expedition Vehicle however does not just happen overnight, it takes some planning, not only around the truck but how you will get to the point of packing up and heading on your adventure.

Our first aim was to retire early... life is too short! Too many people say they will fuflfill their dreams when they retire but by the time that comes around they may not be fit or healthy enough, or worse yet, they don’t make it to retirement. 

Initially our plan was to purchase a fifth-wheeler in the US and spend a couple of years travelling the US and Canada, however before long we realised we wanted to travel the world. During our last 6 month trip around south eastern Africa in 2011 with a Landcruiser and roof top tent, we confirmed that we could live simply and came to the conclusion that we needed a 4x4 truck to see the world, after all we’re getting older not younger and some creature comforts were required. What that truck looked like we had no idea at the time! 

When we returned back to Australia we started looking at our options and the first idea was to build a vehicle on an Isuzu chassis. It was clear though that if we wanted to travel to remote destinations, carry enough fuel, water and batteries for off grid living in these places and be comfortable, then we needed a bigger chassis. MAN quickly became the chassis of choice, however it was going to be 13 ton and we ended up with an 18 ton. 

Next we started looking at the cabin layout. Having owned a caravan for many years when our kids were younger, hiring motorhomes and living in a roof top tent for 6 months, we had a pretty good idea of what was important to us. Our non negotiable inclusions were: a fixed queen size bed; a separate shower and toilet; a washing machine; a large fridge and freezer; the ability to lift the stairs up from inside the living module (for security); a lockable pass through to the driver’s cab (also for security); true 4 season living; no gas; and of course to be self sufficient off grid. We drew up lots of plans, researched and contacted builders both in Australia and overseas and walked through many, many caravans and motorhomes for inspiration. We decided to build with a company in Australia and then ship the truck to Europe or the US … but obviously that changed! 

At the same time we began planning how we would turn this dream into reality. We set a goal of five years (it actually took us 7) to get there. First, we set ourselves a budget for the truck and how we would fund it. Next we needed to work out how we would finance our travel. We would be too young for a pension or to access our superannuation, so we needed an income and we really didn’t want to work! Again we worked out a daily budget (which turned out to be pretty accurate) so we knew how much we needed to live on. Fortunately for us, the Sydney housing market is ridiculously expensive and we realised we could fund our travels from rental income. The very first step we took towards making our dream happen was to sell our family home and downsize to an apartment. This would be easier and simpler to rent due to the location and the fact that there are no gardens to deal with and the building is managed so not our problem. We moved in to our apartment four years before we left. 

We regularly looked at Expedition Vehicles that were for sale and this is how we came across KRUG EXPEDITION in 2017. They had a truck for sale, granted not exactly what we wanted but it was an excellent price and we could modify it to our needs. This however was sold (we are now friends with the owners) before we could get all the details sorted. In hindsight this turned out well for us as we ended up with the exact truck we wanted in the end. 

So the discussion with KRUG EXPEDITION began and before long we knew we would get a much better truck for the same amount of money and we wouldn’t have to ship it. KRUG EXPEDITION took our ideas and requirements, plans were drawn, quotes were done and many emails and video calls took place. Doing this all from Australia was a little scary as we could not physically see any KRUG EXPEDITION trucks in person. We did though manage to speak to some previous clients who reassured us that KRUG EXPEDITION was an excellent choice. 

By early 2018 we had made the decision to build with KRUG EXPEDITION! Before signing contracts, Elizabeth took a trip to the KRUG EXPEDITION production in the Ukraine.They manufacture their own windows, walls, subframe, roof racks, cabinetry etc and it was immediately clear that their build quality is excellent. This would be reinforced during our time living in Ukraine, but more on that later. With contracts signed we were now committed and our retirement was becoming a reality. 

The downsizing now began in earnest. We had already gotten rid of a lot of things during the move from our house to our apartment, but we still had lots of „stuff“. Everything we owned was sold, gifted, donated or trashed. From furniture to plates, cars to clothes everything had to go and it was quite a process! It took 10 months to compact our lives down to just our empty apartment and 22 boxes that we would send to Ukraine. 

Our circumstances were such that we needed to lock in a fixed date to move out of our apartment, regardless of whether our truck was ready or not, and this is how we ended up living in Ukraine for nearly four months. It was a fantastic experience to not only live there but to watch our truck being built. When we arrived the cabin box was done but none of the fitout had started, so we saw absolutely everything. 

The team working on our truck were fantastic and their attention to detail was clearly evident. We saw exactly how they fit and secure the wiring, the water and heating pipework and everything else that is hidden in a finished cabin, things that may be out of sight but are crucial to ensuring a reliable and long lasting build. Today we are just as happy with our build as we were when we began living full time in our truck nearly four years go. Our floorplan suits the way we live and there is nothing we would change in it. 


After four years on the road we still love our lifestyle and would not change it, however it’s not for everyone. Most people like the idea of it but freely admit that they could never actually do it or they think it is all Instagram pretty when the reality is very different! 

Living like this our priorities are quite different to when we lived in a house. We have to monitor things such as our power use, our solar input, our battery capacity, how much water we have and use, where do we empty our toilet, grey water and garbage, where we are going to go and most importantly where are we going to park for the night. For us this is just part of our day to day life and does not phase us, however if you don’t like uncertainty or just going with the flow then this life might be a challenge.
We tend to have a very, very rough idea of where we are heading but that’s about it, e.g. France! Our day tends to start by checking the status of our power/water/waste situation, just so we know where we are at. This is followed by a leisurely breakfast (unless we have a big sightseeing/adventure/travel day) and we decide what we want to do for that day. Some days we have a plan in the morning of where we are aiming to be for the night, other days we have no idea until we need to find somewhere! Some nights we parkup in beautiful locations on the beach, in the mountains or with a fantastic view. More often than not it is a layby, a patch of dirt, a carpark or sometimes with the trucks. Scenic locations on our own are obviously our favourite, but in reality once you shut the blinds we are home no matter where we are and that is what we love about travelling this way.

People naturally think we are on a permanent holiday. The reality though is that we aren’t and we are just living our life differently. We would be absolutely burnt out if we lived as though we were on holiday all the time, not to mention broke! We travel slowly because we want to see where we are and we need to.

It is important to take rest days and do nothing at all and we still need to do every day chores like washing, cleaning, maintenance, groceries and planning. Of course though travelling is what we love and we have seen some amazing places, from the Northern Lights in Norway to the Sahara desert, from grand palaces to Roman ruins, from extreme snow to over 40C and met some wonderful people along the way.

Of course things don’t always go right, although we’ve been pretty fortunate and not had any real major issues. When things do happen though we just consider our options and work through them. That might be a temporary fix (duct tape, rope and a Leatherman can fix lots!), an exit plan (we’re quite good at managing traffic whilst extracting ourselves from tight places) or finding someone who can help. It is in these situations that the true kindness of people comes to the forefront and before you know it you are back on the road.

Our hope and plan is to continue to live this lifestyle for another 15 or more years and to see as much of the world as we can. From Europe we will start to head south to Turkey and then probably on to the Middle East, but who knows, we regularly change our plans! There are so many amazing places to see!

- E. + W TAYLOR -

Follow @ausworldroamers on Instagram to stay apace with full-timer life done right!

Photos: Truck exterior and interior © Harald Steiner • Travel © Ausworldroamers
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