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December, 2021
Revisit your favourite booth at Abenteuer Allrad 2021 one more time, and watch this short and sweet edit that pretty much sums up the buzzing, fun and busy atmosphere that kept us on our feet pretty much four days straight.
Abenteuer Allrad 2021 is forever etched into our memories as a trade show that made for a fulminant start (storm x tent, anyone), but thanks to our amazing crew, in the end everything worked out nicely for us, and we had an amazing time meeting old and new friends!
At our booth M06 we were delighted to present KRUG MODULE PARTS, PROJECT RHINO, a Swiss-owned MERCEDES AROCS, ‘Haguhans’, and the legendary MAN TGS 6x6 DOKA of T High 5.

Visitors and media alike were invited to take a closer look at PROJECT RHINO and Haguhans, and were able to one of the daily KRUG MODULE PARTS workshops held for avid self-builders.

Joe Pietersen of Nkombe Rhino took time out of his busy schedule for a live zoom to South Africa to provide some relatable, first-hand information about wildlife conservation. KRUG EXPEDITION is a proud partner of Nkombe Rhino, for every PROJECT RHINO truck rented or sold, a fixed portion of the proceeds directly benefits the non-profit. Follow Nkombe Rhino on Instagram and stay tuned about their latest efforts in conservation!
Throughout Abenteuer & Allrad, the lovely family of three humans plus two furry friends who are Live And Give 4x4 gave us all a masterclass how to weather the storm, inspire and share, all while perfectly taking care of baby Matheo! Thanks guys for making this edition of AA extra-special with your presence!
Melvill & Moon shared their amazing campaign furniture with us. The comfortable chairs made all the difference!

Caravantex was also with us, and their awesome tailor-made carpets are already a staple with us.

RUD snow chains are the best in the business...since 140 years nonetheless. We are excited to be sharing their expertise with the KRUG tribe along the way thanks to the tireless networking of Live And Give 4x4!
At our outpost at Z85, TEMBO graced the KRUG XP Chill-out area. TEMBO is a fantastic example of an impressive self-build, using an empty KRUG module.

We were lucky to be in such good company with Hellgeth just a stone’a throw away and EXCAP right next to us. It was just humbling to see our partners on site with their incredible trucks all boasting KRUG EXPEDITION habitats that perfectly fit their UNIMOG and Steyr / EXCAP chassis.
Mark your calendars for the coming summer edition of Abenteuer & Allrad from June 16 -19 2022 - we are looking forward to a packed long weekend full of sharing the stoke around expedition trucks. Big thanks to the organisers of Abenteuer & Allrad who continuously strive to develop the expo format and at the same time keep that special vibe you only find in Bad Kissingen!

Highlights clip filmed and edited by Markus 'Fischi' Fischer
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