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December, 2022
Boundless curiosity drive Sylvie and Tobias with their three children to discover the world - together they are T High 5. Their MAN TGS 6x6 DOKA is so much more to them than a home on wheels. Independent travel is a way of life: adventure and pure passion. 

Let Sylvie enchant you with delightful, hearty and healthy recipes and start dreaming of your very own Georgian adventure. Every photo resembles a special, happy moment, captured for eternity, open, full of love and with a willingness to fully engage.
We hope that you like FROM GEORGIA WITH LOVE and that you are inspired to cook some of the dishes yourself and discover Georgia’s culinary delights in this way. 

Sylvie’s recipes are easy to recreate, always surprising with a little extra something, and usually something for even the pickiest eater. 
FROM GEORGIA WITH LOVE hopefully is an inspiration for everyone who is dreaming of taking their trip of a lifetime, or who is lucky enough to already be on the road. Because Sylvie, Tobias and their kids are sharing these intimate memories from Georgia, the tribe is nourished in a way that brings our mission and vision for KRUG EXPEDITION #FULLCIRCLE. 

Discovering the world at one’s own speed offers limitless possibilities to live your own individual freedom, every day of your journey! 

There are many more exciting insights into T High 5’s travels on social media @t_high_5, and you can dive into Sylvie’s culinary world at @simply.sylv - maybe just stop by and say hi!

40 pages / printed in Austria

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