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BYE, BYE 2021 AND HELLO 2022
December, 2021
If we had to choose one word to describe 2021 at KRUG EXPEDITION, it would be: busy.

We delivered a record number of expedition trucks across our product portfolio, joined three trade shows, built a cooperation with South African wildlife conservation Nkombe Rhino through KRUG EXPEDITION PROJECT RHINO and held our first-ever in-house expo — all while creating new ways of bringing our experiential approach to expedition travel to life.

We can’t wait to unveil what 2022 will hold in store for the tribe as the KRUG family is expanding. As 2022 will unfold, you will learn more about the ongoing progress and growth at KRUG EXPEDITION.

Until then, wish everyone a fabulous start into the New Year! Stay healthy, stay inspired, and keep on discovering the world at your own speed.

Images for this blog were taken by @fischi666 of for KRUG EXPEDITION, Header photo courtesy of @tembo_traces
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