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December, 2021
In early 2021, Hongkong based information designer and illustrator Marcelo Duhalde was tasked
to visualise our process, so our workflow, company structure and manufacturing come across

Closely collaborating with XPLAY, the end-result is an informative animation that speaks to all age
groups, aimed to clearly communicate ‘How It’s Made’.
Marcelo Duhalde’s graphics are also seen as colourful additions to our current merchandise,
developed in-house with the support of Markus Fischer, and are used on a roster of awesome and
practical essentials like the 2021 KRUG XP enamel mug, stickers, pins, tote bag and T-Shirts.
Naturally, they take centre stage in our colouring pages which are a big hit among the youngest
Download yours now and share them with the tribe @krugxp #KRUGEXPEDITION

We hope that this fresh, creative approach provides a new level of understanding towards how we
work, gives you an idea how KRUG EXPEDITION thrives to progress and inspires you on your
expedition truck journey!
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