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THE 2023 / 2024 CATALOG IS HERE!
June, 2023
The 203 / 2024 catalog is available now: Discover a near 100-page bilingual book offering a detailed look at 20+ layouts that can be produced at an unrivalled price to performance ratio with unbeatable delivery times.
A revised and extended catalog, showcasing the full bandwidth of the SERIES MODULES offering is now available and will be distributed during the upcoming events and trade shows. The English and German bilingual 2023 / 2024 catalog is also available online as PDF download.

KRUG EXPEDITION carefully developed a number of living habitats with various layouts in different lengths that comprise our Series Modules range.

Decades of experience and the in-depth experience that reflect specific requests from our customers have played an influential role in the realisation of the Series Modules program. For body lengths from 4100mm to 7200 mm, KRUG EXPEDITION offers a total of 20+ varying standard layout concepts including PROJECT RHINO and a layout for Unimog chassis.
PROJECT RHINO on Mercedes-Benz Atego Chassis offers an instantly available complete-truck solution. The impressive bandwidth spans from a lightweight option below the perhaps crucial 7.5t mark, two XL Family versions and a perfect truck for working nomads with a built-in workplace.
A fixed amount of the proceeds of each PROJECT RHINO truck sold continues to support the South African wildlife conservation Nkombe Rhino. Learn more about the organisation at

With its headquarters in the Austrian Alps, KRUG EXPEDITION is a cutting-edge, innovative and creative expedition manufacturer that continues to transform modern expedition travel with expert know-how. The company’s product portfolio comprises a specific Series Modules program, a complete-truck solution program with PROJECT RHINO, custom builds and a lively parts business.

‘KRUG EXPEDITION is home to expedition travellers and truck enthusiasts worldwide. Welcome to the tribe!’ - this promise underlines the company’s ambition to provide a lasting platform for customers, from the beginning to their purchase journey beyond after-sales services, true to our full-circle, 360 degree approach in everything  we do.
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