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recipe of Schupfnudeln
The dough (serves 5)


800g potatoes
220 g flour
1ts salt
1 egg

Cook the potatoes in enough salted water, cool them off and peel. Allow the peeled potatoes to cool down. In the meantime, start with the sauce! Mash the potatoes and add flour, salt, egg and muscat together in a big bowl. Knead until smooth. While you are letting the sauce thicken, keep working on your Schupfnudeln. Part the dough and form finger thick rolls (around 8cm), boil in salted water.
The sauce (serves 5)


1 onion, sliced or diced
20g tomato paste
2 tins of tomatoes (diced)
150ml water
Splash of white wine (optional)
1 Handful of cocktail tomatoes in halves
Spices: Italian herbs, oregano, 1 ts salt, 4ts pepper, 1⁄2 ts sweet pepper
powder, 1ts soup powder
1ts Honey or Agave syrup
1 Handful fresh basil, cut
1 Handful fresh parmesan cheese, grated
1 Handful roasted pine seeds
Ghee for pan roasting as alternative for oil

Heat the pan, add ghee and onions, add tomato paste, use splash of white wine if needed, let thicken. Add tinned tomatoes and other ingredients except fresh tomatoes, basil, pine seeds and parmesan cheese. Let simmer for 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile eep working on your 'Schupfnudlen'. Add spices as needed and keep warm until the main dish is ready, add the 'Schupfnudeln' atop the sauce and garnish with basil, pine seeds and parmesan cheese.

Substitute spices (i.e. fennel) or vegetables (i.e. capsicum, zucchini). Add vegetables with the onions and let simmer with the sauce. Add a a squeeze of lemon for an extra kick!
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